Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 3 Q and A

1. Building on the original concept you developed in Chapter 2, create a
blueprint for your level. Make sure you begin with a series of rough sketches
until your blueprint begins to take shape.

Look down!!
2. Create at least three game play mechanics for your level. How do these
objectives relate to your original story idea?

A) Mechanics
1.Pick Weapon – knifes and other melee weapons
2.Use Weapon
3.Change Weapon
4.Look inventory
5.Pick Item – health positions and clues
6.Use Item
7. Run/Walk/Crouch/Climb

3. Come up with five level objectives that correspond to your gameplay
mechanics. How will you identify these objectives in your level blueprint?

1. Find Key Items / Pieces of puzzle/clues
2. Find Weapons and items
3. Solve Puzzle/clues
4. Hind from the creatures or Attack them!!
5. Find out what happened to the kids

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