Friday, November 12, 2010

Overview of my game

Thou out this project I liked my game idea I believed that the game concept was good and it would be a fun and interesting game to play. Everything was going good there had been no really bad problems or issues just minor ones that were fixed quickly.

Some of the minor one were like the textures didn’t match, it didn’t really look real so to fix it I searched for some more texture to find a better more realistic look. However on this last week there was a big problem not with the models or anything it was that my laptop had started to stuff up which meant I couldn’t work on my assignment but just worked a lot harder at TAFE to finish everything.

Even tho there were a few problems the project went great and I had gotten everything finished and handed everything in. With my idea I wouldn’t change anything it had a really good concept with the strange lights appearing over a summer camp and then everyone goes missing and you play as a detective to find out what had happened but to find out those things never left.

However if I could of changed something it would probably be the textures and models maybe add some more of my own and try to create a spookier theme and make the camp look scarier.

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