Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 2 Q and A

1. Using some of the techniques discussed in this chapter, begin developing a concept for
an original game idea. Discuss the central theme of your idea, and the methods you used
to bring your idea into existence.

My idea for the game was to be like a fantasy/horror type of game, you play as a detective that was called about some strange light that were seen at the summer camp and that no one has heard from the kids. It’s a scary dark environment where the player must find clues or hints to find out what had happened to all the kids but also must hind from the strange creature that search the camp. I got the idea from the game called amnesia were you play as Daniel a person trapped in a haunted castle and he must escape however evil creature walk around and will kill you and another game called penumbra but a little bit more modern.

2. Create a back-story, environment, and three character descriptions associated with your
original game idea. How are these elements integrated and linked through a central

Back Story
On one beautiful night when the moon and stars are out and there were no clouds, the kids camped outside in tents. However later that night strange light appeared and wired sound come from them, everyone had notice the light but no one really cared. Days had past and no one had have from the camp, no a letter or a call everyone was getting worried so they sent a detective to find out what had happened.

The Environment is a hunted summer camp ground where all the kids and everyone have been killed so the building are empty but blood is everywhere, also outside the is blood and posters everywhere.

Character Description
Look Down

3. Document your concept with reference material and original sketches. How did you
capture your reference images? Create thumbnails and silhouettes. Compile these images
into an art “bible” to help guide your vision.

With the character!!

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