Friday, November 12, 2010

My Level

In this video I show the forest where you first start and then I show the camp with the fire, posters and lake.
After that it moves to the first building to show the blood on the wall and the blood of the dragged body on the floor.

Overview of my game

Thou out this project I liked my game idea I believed that the game concept was good and it would be a fun and interesting game to play. Everything was going good there had been no really bad problems or issues just minor ones that were fixed quickly.

Some of the minor one were like the textures didn’t match, it didn’t really look real so to fix it I searched for some more texture to find a better more realistic look. However on this last week there was a big problem not with the models or anything it was that my laptop had started to stuff up which meant I couldn’t work on my assignment but just worked a lot harder at TAFE to finish everything.

Even tho there were a few problems the project went great and I had gotten everything finished and handed everything in. With my idea I wouldn’t change anything it had a really good concept with the strange lights appearing over a summer camp and then everyone goes missing and you play as a detective to find out what had happened but to find out those things never left.

However if I could of changed something it would probably be the textures and models maybe add some more of my own and try to create a spookier theme and make the camp look scarier.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 3 Q and A

1. Building on the original concept you developed in Chapter 2, create a
blueprint for your level. Make sure you begin with a series of rough sketches
until your blueprint begins to take shape.

Look down!!
2. Create at least three game play mechanics for your level. How do these
objectives relate to your original story idea?

A) Mechanics
1.Pick Weapon – knifes and other melee weapons
2.Use Weapon
3.Change Weapon
4.Look inventory
5.Pick Item – health positions and clues
6.Use Item
7. Run/Walk/Crouch/Climb

3. Come up with five level objectives that correspond to your gameplay
mechanics. How will you identify these objectives in your level blueprint?

1. Find Key Items / Pieces of puzzle/clues
2. Find Weapons and items
3. Solve Puzzle/clues
4. Hind from the creatures or Attack them!!
5. Find out what happened to the kids

Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 2 Q and A

1. Using some of the techniques discussed in this chapter, begin developing a concept for
an original game idea. Discuss the central theme of your idea, and the methods you used
to bring your idea into existence.

My idea for the game was to be like a fantasy/horror type of game, you play as a detective that was called about some strange light that were seen at the summer camp and that no one has heard from the kids. It’s a scary dark environment where the player must find clues or hints to find out what had happened to all the kids but also must hind from the strange creature that search the camp. I got the idea from the game called amnesia were you play as Daniel a person trapped in a haunted castle and he must escape however evil creature walk around and will kill you and another game called penumbra but a little bit more modern.

2. Create a back-story, environment, and three character descriptions associated with your
original game idea. How are these elements integrated and linked through a central

Back Story
On one beautiful night when the moon and stars are out and there were no clouds, the kids camped outside in tents. However later that night strange light appeared and wired sound come from them, everyone had notice the light but no one really cared. Days had past and no one had have from the camp, no a letter or a call everyone was getting worried so they sent a detective to find out what had happened.

The Environment is a hunted summer camp ground where all the kids and everyone have been killed so the building are empty but blood is everywhere, also outside the is blood and posters everywhere.

Character Description
Look Down

3. Document your concept with reference material and original sketches. How did you
capture your reference images? Create thumbnails and silhouettes. Compile these images
into an art “bible” to help guide your vision.

With the character!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Game Design Q and A week 1

1. Imagine that you are a level designer working in the 1980s. Knowing the
limitations associated with this era, what type of game would you develop?

If I was developing a game in year 1980's. Because of a lack of technology that we today, I would create a game similar to like the old Donkeykong, where you just have a simple character for example Mario jumping over barrels that Donkeykong is throw to save the princess.

2. Play three games—one from the 1980s, one from the 1990s, and one
released after 2004. Compare and contrast how levels and environments are
designed in all three games?

The three games that I chosen are Donkeykong from 80's, Dr Mario from 90's and then the new Super Mario Brothers. When I had compared these three games, you could easily tell that the environment and game has evolved.

Starting off with Donkeykong the environment is just a simple black background with red bridge for Mario to climb to get to Donkeykong. The design for this game is very simple however most of the details went into Mario so people could tell which way Mario was facing, then they add details to Donkeykong, the bridges, ladders and barrels.

Then came Dr Mario, now Dr Mario started to have more details and looked better, firstly the background wasn’t just a simple black scream they add colours to it so it would fit in with the coloured blocks/pills. They also slowly start to make everything in 3d block/pills to add detail and make the game look better.

Finally Super Mario Brother this game is very new and a lot of fun, now the background has more details instead of being a single colour or a group of multiple colour it’s a background of an environment with clouds and other things, but also everything has become 3d and a lot more information like minor details that you wouldn’t see in the old games which makes the game a lot more fun.

Now with the information I have now told you can defiantly see that the game background has changed a lot and that the games have evolved.

3. How does a game’s genre affect the way its levels and environments are
designed? Choose one level from three different games—each from a distinct
primary genre—and compare how these levels are designed with regard to
setting, goals, puzzles, and risk–reward system?

The 3 games are a little bit similar but have different game genres the first to are both puzzles but Donkeykong is also an advantage game were you have to save princess peach from Donkeykong. Dr Mario is a puzzle game where you have dropping two-sided vitamins capsules into a playing field 8 blocks wide by 16 blocks high resembling a medicine bottle, populated by viruses of three colours (red, yellow, and blue).

Finally Super Mario Brothers is a Advantage/puzzle where you travel from one end of the level to the other so you can get to the boss and save princess peach.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Idea for the textures

I had a few ideas when it come to the way my level looked, the first one was more it being damaged and destroyed but it didn't really fit in with my hole horror idea.
Which then lead me to having like a few blood splatters but it just wasn't that scary so at the end I decided to have large amount of blood and to make it look like the person was dragged out of the room which I thought was a good way to show something scary.

Textures Used

 Blood on the floor
 Blood on the wall
 The blood texture used
 One of the posters
 The second poster
Wall with posters on it